About Hy-dit

After several attempts to find a suitable place to store a plunger, we couldn't find any way to keep it off the floor and out-of-sight.  Any type of a cabinet for this purpose did not exist, especially one hidden in the wall.  So, we invented the Hy-dit! 

Our patented, custom design has sold over 10,000 units to date, mostly by word-of-mouth.  There are two styles to choose from with various enhancements and additional features yet to come.  The great news is that the Hy-dit units are now going to be manufactured in the United States.

Hy-dit Solves a Problem!

​​•Attractive way to keep your plunger and bowl brush out-of-sight
•Saves floor space by putting plunger and bowl brush in your wall
•Eliminates embarrassing moments for you and your guests
•Recess mounted cabinet easily installed in a 2 in. x 4 in. studded wall
•Molded raised panel door with etched wood grain surface can be painted or

stained to match your vanity
•Includes plunger, bowl brush, removable drip tray and mounting hardware
•Reversible door with magnetic catch to mount with left or right hinge opening
•Enough space on shelf to store other toilet cleaning supplies and deodorizer
•Durable, water and corrosion resistant construction with integrated, molded

brush hook
•Ventilated for moisture evaporation
•Trademarked & Patented

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Nothing more embarrassing for a guest, than to have to ask for a toilet plunger!

A private moment needs to remain private! Your guest will appreciate it!